Control VLC remotely over your network!

I started this project knowing NO javascript, learning from examples from other widgets, and LOTS of online tutorials. I now know more about XMLhttpRequest and RegExp than I ever thought I'd ever need to know.

I wanted a way to control VLC on my 2005fpw without having to get up and walk to my powerbook driving the monitor. Instead, I wanted to be able to control it from my girlfriend's 12" powerbook. So I did a little digging and discoverd VLC's HTTP interface. It's bulky as fuck and very unpretty. So, I decided to enbark on writing a widget to get that functionality.

Thanks to the fellas on #onebutan, especially savetheclocktower and chutwig for their help.

This project is in beta.

  • First: Download VLC Remote Widget v0.2


  • Enable HTTP Interface on the instance of VLC v0.8.2 you wish to control.

  • Find out the ip address of the machine VLC is running on. (Can use any platform that has HTTP interface available)

  • Launch widget and enter the ip address on the back of the widget.

    VLC uses port 8080 as the default port, so that should be left alone unless you need to change it for whatever reason. If configured properly, widget will successfully connect and flip over with fully populated playlist and nowplaying details. If not properly configured, widget will just sit there and do nothing.

  • Use widget to your hearts content.

    Remember, this is widget is in beta, any questions can be directed to me at craig at autopoetic dot com.